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Department of Consumer Science


The Consumer Science major focuses on improving the quality of life for consumers. This is ac-complished through recognizing the importance of roles that individual and household consumers play in the market economy. Through our program, students are trained to understand the con-sumer decision-making process and rational and effective resource acquisition and management strategies. Students also gain a foundation to provide diverse solutions for problems encountered by consumers in the market.

The Department of Consumer Science offers both master’s and doctoral programs that can prepare students to significantly and positively impact the consumers within our global economy.

After completing our program, graduates are prepared to assume leadership roles in either gov-ernmental or private sectors, including corporate planning, advertising, marketing and consumer affairs. Others pursue employment in media, such as newspaper and broadcasting companies, or research institutions.

Undergraduate Curriculum

Basic Courses
Introduction to Consumer Science / Consumerism / Family Economics / Family Resource Management


Consumer Research Methodology Courses

  • Statics
  • Theories and Practice of Consumer Research
  • Advanced Methodologies in Consumer Research
  • Consumer Trend Analysis


Advanced Courses

Consumer Market
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Retailing
  • Consumer Information
  • Analsis of Market Environment
  • Culture & Consumption
Consumer Protection
  • Economices of Consumer Policy
  • Consumer Education
  • Consumer Protection Laws
  • Consumer Counseling
  • Consumer Information
Consumer Finances
  • Consumer Financial Planning
  • Consumer Portfolio
  • Retirement Planning & Financial Counseling
  • Time and Leisure
  • Family Life Evaluation & Planning


Applied Courses
Research Practicum in Consumer Science / Consumer Science Internship


Kim, Rando Ph.D., School of Public Administration, University of Southern California Consumer Behavior Lab.
Kim, Soyun Ph.D., Consumer Science, The Ohio State University Consumer Welfare Lab.
Rha, Jong-Youn Ph.D., Consumer Science, The Ohio State University Consumer Information & Retailing Lab.
Sohn, Sanghee Ph.D., Consumer Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Consumer Education & Culture Lab.
Yeo, JungSung Ph.D., Consumer Economics, Cornell University Consumer Policy Lab.
Choe, Hyuncha Ph.D., Consumer Science, Purdue University Consumer Finance Lab.
Nam, Youngwoon Ph.D., Consumer Science, The Ohio State University

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