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Department of Fashion and Textiles


Department of ㄻ offers individualized undergraduate programs to pursue oc-cupations in the fashion industry, by providing systematic training on different aspects of clothing and textiles. The curriculum combines courses in the social and natural sciences, as well as art, for design, production and marketing of clothing and textiles. Options within the curriculum allow students to specialize on fashion products, fashion business, and textile & apparel science.

The department offers graduate programs to foster scholarly investigation into design, develop-ment, production, evaluation, merchandising and consumption of apparel and textile products. The graduate programs are divided into more detailed areas: fashion design, fashion marketing & retailing, clothing ergonomics, clothing physiology and textile science.

Undergraduate Curriculum

Basic Courses
Theory of Fashion Design / Textile Fibers Fashion Illustration / Human Body and Clothing Construction / History of Western Costume / Textile Fabrics / Clothing and Health / Socio-psychological Aspects of Clothing / History of Korean Costume / Flat Pattern Design Fashion Marketing


Advanced Courses

Fashion Products
  • Color and Fashion styling
  • Fashion Drawing
  • Basic Fashion Design
  • Contemporary Fashion Design
  • Advanced Clothing Construction
  • Draping
  • Fashion Trend and Design Planning
  • Technical Design
  • CAD Practice
  • Advanced CAD Practice
  • Fashion Industry Practice
  • Construction of Korean Costume
Textile & Apparel Science
  • Textile and Apparel Product Lab
  • Textile Care and Experimental Lab
  • New Synthetic Fiber Testing Lab
  • Dyeing and Finishing Lab
  • Personal Protective Clothing Lab
  • Apparel Fabrication
  • Clothing Physiology Lab
  • Textile Design
Fashion Business
  • Fashion Retaling
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Communication
  • Fashion Market Research
  • Global Fashion Business
  • Fashion e-Business
  • Fashion Consumer Behavior


department of textiles
Kim, Sungmin Ph.D., Seoul National University Fashion Technology Lab.
Kim, Jooyoun Ph.D. North Carolina State University Textile Materials Lab.
Park, Juyeon Ph.D. University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA WEAR Lab.
Lee, Yuri Ph.D., Dept. of Clothing and Textiles, Virginia Tech. U.S.A Fashion Retail & Service Lab.
Lee, Joo-Young Ph.D., Seoul National University COM:FORT Lab.
Chun, Jae hoon Ph.D., Seoul National University Fashion Aesthetics Lab.
Choi, Hee Eun Ph.D., Seoul National University Apparel Technical Design & Production Lab.
Choo, Ho Jung Ph.D., Michigan State University Fashion Marketing Lab.
Ha, Jisoo Ph.D., Seoul National University Fashion Design Lab.

Department of Fashion and Textiles 


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