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Department of Child Development & Family Studies


The Child Development and Family Studies major focuses on human development across the life span and the ecology of family. The program underscores both theoretical and applied approaches to the study of children and family.

The undergraduate program offers coursework on child development, child welfare, child coun-seling, family policy, family relations, aging families, and family counseling. It also provides stu-dents a practicum opportunity at the SNU Child Educare & Research Center, the Gwanak-gu Healthy Family Support Center and the Gwanak-gu Multicultural Family Support Center.

The graduate program, offering both master’s and doctoral degrees, focuses on research and methodology relating to child development and family dynamics. Students will be prepared to be-come professionals in the field of child development, child welfare, early childhood education and care, family counseling and education, gerontology, family intervention and policy

Undergraduate Curriculum

Basic Courses
Human Developmment and the Family / Child Development / Family Relations


Advanced Courses

Child Development Courses
  • Introduction to Early Childhood Educare
  • Curricular Activities in Early Childhood Educare
  • Health Education for Young Children
  • Children's Language Development
  • Practice of Child Play
  • Development and evaluation of Early Childhood Educare
  • Child Welfare
  • Adolescent Development and Guidance
  • Practicum in Educare
Family Studies Track
  • Korean Families
  • Family Theories
  • Gerontology
  • Aging and Family
  • Family Problems
  • Family Life Education
  • Family Counseling
  • Family Theraphy
  • Family Policy
  • Family Practicum
Common Courses
  • Methodology for Child and Family Studies
  • Independent Studies for Child and Family


Park, Hye Jun Ed.D., Columbia University Child Counseling and Special Children Lab.
Lee, Kangyi Ph.D., Seoul National University Child Development Lab.
Park, Youjeong Ph. D., Cornell University Infant Studies and Educare Lab.
Choi, Naya Ph.D., Seoul National University Child Language·Cognition Lab.
Lee, Jaerim Ph.D., University of Minnesota Family Relations Lab.
Chin, Meejung Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University Family Policy Lab.
Kim, Kyungmin Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University Family Development·Gerontology Lab.
Chung, Grace H. Ph.D., University of Illiois at Urbana-Champaign Family Environment Lab.

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