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Advanced CEO Program in Fashion Business

The college of Human Ecology offers Advanced Fashion Business program for top managements of fashion business. The program aims to foster fashion industry leaders with excellent leadership as well as global management knowledge and skills. Through its successful 12 years of history, the SNU AFB program has over 600 alumni who are influential leasers in Korean fashion industry. The AFB accepts 60 applicants every year for its 9 month program. In addition to core courses which are delivered by the best faculty members of Seoul National University, govern-ment officers, and industry experts, the program offers opportunities of oversea study tour, field visits, and cultural experiences.



Advanced CEO Program in Food & Nutrition

The advanced CEO program is to provide business management strategy including specific management techniques and e-business as well as nutrition-related expertise so that domestic food industry can flexibly respond to rapidly changing modern complex food marketplace. This course is to provide general business management expertise and industry specific knowledge including practical application of innovative food processing techniques, restoring nutritional imbalance using more nutritious food, better understanding of health functional food, and ways to control and improve food quality. Moreover, management challenges faced by CEOs in food industry, nutrition-related policies, sales management in response to consumer trend, global trend on food and nutrition, and advertisement techniques will be discussed in detail.



Advanced CEO Program in Well-Aging & Senior Business

Rapid population aging in Korean society has given rise to an interest in older people as a consumer in the expand-ing senior market and a challenge for improving their quality of life. The College of Human Ecology has led multi-disciplinary research, education, and practice associated with the middle-aged and elderly in a variety of contexts. The SNU Advanced program for Well-Aging & Senior Business, offered by the College of Human Ecology, is highly specialized to CEOs, senior executives, and other top decision-maker who have interests in the aging and senior business. The program focuses on an overview of aging and older adults and offers knowledge and skill necessary to respond effectively to the diverse needs of an aging population. The program provides an opportunity to foster deeper insight, innovative ideas, and strategic abilities in the field of aging.



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