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Kwon, Young Hye


  • Name: Kwon, Young Hye
  • Current Position: Professor
  • Major: Molecular Nutrition
  • Research Areas: The biochemical, physiological, and epigenetic functions of sulfur amino acids and folic acid, Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy in the development of diseases, Role of nutrients and dietary components in regulation of gene expression and stability
  • Office: +82-2-880-6833
  • E-mail: 


  • 1998 Cornell University (Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences)
  • 1993 Seoul National University (M.S., Department of Food and Nutrition)
  • 1991 Seoul National University (B.S., Department of Food and Nutrition) 

Recent Publications

  • Han, A., S. B. Won and Y. H. Kwon (2017). "Different Effects of Maternal Low-Isoflavone Soy Protein and Genistein Consumption on Hepatic Lipid Metabolism of 21-Day-Old Male Rat Offspring." Nutrients 9(9).
  • Yoon, M., S. B. Won and Y. H. Kwon (2017). "Altered lipid metabolism in rat offspring of dams fed a low-protein diet containing soy protein isolate." Life Sci 174: 1-7.
  • Won, S. B., A. Han and Y. H. Kwon (2017). "Maternal consumption of low-isoflavone soy protein isolate alters hepatic gene expression and liver development in rat offspring." J Nutr Biochem 42: 51-61.
  • Jang, Y., J. Kim, J. W. Ko and Y. H. Kwon (2016). "Homocysteine induces PUMA-mediated mitochondrial apoptosis in SH-SY5Y cells." Amino Acids 48(11): 2559-2569.
  • Kim, J., J. Kim and Y. H. Kwon (2016). "Effects of disturbed liver growth and oxidative stress of high-fat diet-fed dams on cholesterol metabolism in offspring mice." Nutr Res Pract 10(4): 386-392.
  • Park, Y. J., J. W. Ko, S. Jeon and Y. H. Kwon (2016). "Protective Effect of Genistein against Neuronal Degeneration in ApoE(-/-) Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet." Nutrients 8(11). 


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