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Kwon, Hoonjeong


  • Name: Kwon, Hoonjeong
  • Current Position: Professor
  • Major: Food Toxicology
  • Research Areas: Analysis and control of hazardous compound found in cooked or processed foodstuff, Safety evaluation of botanical preparations as food, Risk analysis of natural hazardous compound in diet
  • Office: +82-2-880-6835
  • E-mail: 


  • 1992 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (Ph.D. in Toxicology)
  • 1984 Seoul National University (M.S. in Chemistry)
  • 1982 Seoul National University (B.S. in Food and Nutrition) 

Recent Publications

  • S Hwang, C Kim, J Lee, H Park, G Lee, K-G Lee, H Shin, H Kwon. Carcinogenic risk associated with popular Korean dishes: An approach of combined risk assessments using Oral Slope Factor and BMDL10 values. (2019) Food Res. Int. 125: 108530
  • J Bae, H Kwon, J Kim. Safety Evaluation of Absorbent Hygiene Pads: A Review on Assessment Framework and Test Methods (2018). Sustainability 10: 4146
  • S Choi, Y Lee, J Seo, J Park, J Lee, and H Kwon. Elucidation of Dishes High in N-nitrosamines using Total Diet Study data. (2018) J. fd. Hyg. Safety. 33: 361
  • Y Lee, B Do, G Lee, HS Lim, SS Yun & H Kwon. Simultaneous determination of sodium saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame-K and sucralose in food consumed in Korea using high-performance liquid chromatography and evaporative light-scattering detection. (2017) Food Add. Contam. Part A 34: 666
  • MK Kim, G Lee, HS Lim, SS Yun, M Hwang, J-H Hong & H Kwon. Safety assessment of 16 sweeteners for the Korean population using dietary intake monitoring and poundage method. (2017) Food Add. Contam. Part A 34: 1500
  • Bokyung Suh and Hoonjeong Kwon. Factors Attributing to the Formation of N-Nitrosamines in Instant (2017). Food. J. fd. Hyg. Safety. 32: 114 


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