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  • Name: Yeo, Jung Sung
  • E-mail:
  • Dept.: Consumer Science
  • Lab: Consumer Policy Lab
  • Research Areas: Economics of consumer policy with respect to imperfect information & market failures, Policy evaluation on consumer protection legislations, Deceptive advertising and labeling regulation, Product safety regulation 


  • Ph.D., Consumer Economics, Cornell University, 1990
  • M. A., Consumer Economics, Cornell University, 1990
  • B. A., Home Management, Seoul National University, 1983 

Recent Publications

  • Yun, S. Y. & Yeo, J. (2018). A Study on the Consumer’s Perception of the Notification of Details of Using Personal Information. Journal of Consumer Studies, 29(3), 17-38.
  • Koo, M. & Yeo, J. (2018). Conceptualization and Scale-Development of Consumer Literacy on Mobile Advertising. Journal of Consumer Studies, 29(2), 199-231.
  • Koo, M. & Yeo, J. (2018). Analysis of Consumer Advertising Literacy on Mobile. Consumer Policy and Education Review, 14(3), 1-28.
  • Yeo, J. & Shin, S. (2018). Feasibility Study on the Establishment of a Specialized User Protection Agency in the Broadcasting and Telecommunication Service Market. Consumer Policy and Education Review, 14(4), 105-133.
  • Yeo, J., Sah. J. & Lee, S. (2017). Analysis on Consumer Product Safety Regulation in Korea. Journal of Consumer Studies, 28(2), 159-187.
  • Ko, D. & Yeo, J. (2017). Policy Evaluation on CVS(Convenience Store) Drugs Sales. Consumer Policy and Education Review,13(2), 51-78.
  • Yeo, J., Sah, J., Ko, D., Koo, M. & Lee, S. (2017). Analysis on Consumer Organizations to Enhance Consumer Activism in Korea. Journal of Consumer Studies, 28(5), 115-132.
  • Jung, S. & Yeo, J. (2017). An Exploratory Study on Consumer Problems and Repurchase Motives in Overseas Online Shopping. Journal of Consumer Policy Studies, 48(2), 223-275.
  • Kim, I., & Yeo, J. (2017). “Consumers’ Perception on Personal Information and Its Usage in Big Data Environment”. Journal of Consumer Studies, 28(6), 129-148.
  • Hwang, J. & Yeo, J. (2016). Improving VOC Management Via Inquiry VOC Analysis: A Food Company’s Inquiry VOC Data. Journal of Consumer Studies,12(2),91-119.
  • Lee, S. M., & Yeo, J. S. (2016). Typology of Time Use of Married Working Women with the Preschool Child (ren) in Korea. Family and Environment Research, 54(5), 541-550.
  • Lee, J., & Yeo, J. (2016). Consumer Participation and Expansion Plans of Collaborative Consumption. Consumer Policy and Education Review,12(1), 95-118
  • Koo, M., & Yeo, J. (2015). Difficulties in Information Search Process and Purchasing Decision - Focusing on Product Tangibility. Consumer Policy and Education Review, 11(2), 59-85.
  • Ko, D., & Yeo, J. (2015). Consumer Consideration in the Consumer Decision Making. Consumer Policy and Education Review, 11(1), 1-24.
  • Koo, M., Kim, R., Kim, S. Y., Rha, J. Y., Yeo, J. & Choe, H. (2015). Measuring and Mapping Consumption Values. Journal of Consumer Studies, 26(6), 235-266.
  • Kim, H. J., & Yeo, J. S. (2015). A study on consumers' levels of smart home service usage by service type and their willingness to pay for smart home service. Consumer Policy and Education Review, 11(4), 25-53. 

Recent Grants

  • “Economic and Social Impacts of 4th Industrial Revolution” / 2017-2018 / Investigator / Private Institution
  • “Collabortive Research toward Enhancing Consumer Safety” / 2017-2019 / Principal Investigator / Seoul National University
  • “ICT Convergence Policy enhancing 'Internet of Things' ecological system” / 2016-2017 / Investigator / KT
  • “Analysis of 2015 'Voice of Consumer' Data” / 2015 / Principal Investigator / DAESANG
  • “Direction of Governemnt Policy on New ICT-based Media Industry” / 2015-2016 / Investigator / KT 


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