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  • Name: Choe, Hyuncha
  • E-mail:
  • Dept.: Consumer Science
  • Lab: Consumer Finance Lab
  • Research Areas: Financial consumer behavior, Issues in financial consumer protection, Issues in financial planning 


  • Ph.D., Consumer Science, Purdue University, 1992
  • M. A., Agriculture and Home Economics, Seoul National University, 1986
  • B. A., Agriculture and Home Economics, Seoul National University, 1984 

Recent Publications

  • Han, J., Ko, D., & Choe, H. (2019). Classifying Retirement Preparation Planners and Doers: A Multi-Country Study. Sustainability, 11(10), 2815.
  • Baek, H. & Choe, H. (2019). A Study on Public Complaining Behavior of Financial Consumer and Damage Relief - Analysis of the Damage Relief Cases in the Financial Disputes Settlement Committee –. Journal of Financial Consumers, 9(1), 5-29.
  • Han, J., Ko, D., & Choe, H. (2019). Predicting and Analyzing Factors Affecting Financial Stress of Household using Machine Learning: Application of XGBoost. Journal of Consumer Studies, 30(2), 21-43.
  • Seo, G. & Choe, H. (2019). A Study on Consumers’ Financial Exclusion: Focusing on Financial Products and Channels of Transaction. Journal of Consumer Studies, 30(2), 67-84.
  • Seo, G., Choe, H. & Han, J. (2019). An Exploratory Study on Consumer Alienation in Financial Market. Journal of Consumer Studies, 30(5), 101-123.
  • Kim, J. & Choe, H. (2019). Study on the Consumer’s Perception and Financial Preparation for Care Costs for the Elderly. Financial Planning Review, 12(3), 181-208.
  • Lee, S., Kim, M. & Choe, H. (2018). A Study on Retirement Portfolio Management Intention of Non-retirees. Financial Planning Review, 11(1), 61-89.
  • Lee, J., Kim, M. & Choe, H. (2018). The Appropriateness of Household Financial Goal Setting. Financial Planning Review, 11(2), 97-128.
  • Sim, H., Kim, M. & Choe, H. (2018). Consumer's Satisfaction of Insurance Consumption : Focusing on Self-determination Theory. Journal of the Korea Convergence Society, 9(5), 157-169.
  • Lee, H., Han, J. & Choe, H. (2018). The Impacts of Medical Expenses on Household Economy of the Elderly. Journal of Consumer Studies, 29(6), 77-104.
  • Lee, S., Lee, H., Choe, H., Kim, R. & Rha, J. (2018). A Study on Retirement Adaptation of Korean Retirees: Focusing on Wang's Resource-Based Dynamic Perspective. Financial Planning Review, 11(2), 31-66.
  • Keel, J., Han, J. & Choe, H. (2018). A Study on Fund Investment Behaviors and Satisfaction of Middle Old-aged Financial Consumers : Focusing on the Comparison with Young Adult Financial Consumers. Consumer Policy and Education Review, 14(4), 153-177.
  • Kang, J., Yoon, J., Choe, H. & Sohn, S. (2018). The Effects of Student Loan on Quality of College Life. Financial Planning Review, 11(4), 21-53.
  • Kim, J., Choe, H. & Rha, J. (2018). A Study on the Comparison and Evaluation of Households’ Financial status with Extended Life-Cycle. Financial Planning Review, 11(4), 107-140.
  • Choe, H., Kim, M., Na, H., Sim, H., Han, J. & Choi, H. (2017). The Retirement Preparation of Korean Households - Focusing on the Life Span. Financial Planning Review, 10(1), 1-25.
  • Choe, H. & Kim, Y. (2017). A Study on the Psychological Burden of Household Debt. Financial Planning Review, 10(2), 53-77.
  • Choe, J. & Joo, S. (2017). Review of Personal Financial Planning Research - 10 Years of 「Financial Planning Review」-. Financial Planning Review, 10(4), 157-182.
  • Choe, H., Kim, M., Jang, K. & Na, H. (2017). Consumer Evaluations of Retirement Planning Services in the Korean Financial Market. Financial Planning Review, 10(4), 1-34.
  • Sunwoo Lee, Hyuncha Choe, Minjung Kim. (2017). Mental Accounting of Retired Household by the Type of Household Financial Strategy. Korean Journal of Human Ecology, 26(5), 403-417.
  • Choe, H., Kim, M., Kwon, J., Lee, S., Jung, Y. & Kang, J. (2016). Content Analysis of Personal Finance Research in Korea: 2010-2015. Financial Planning Review, 9(4), 155-198.
  • Sim, J., Oh, J. & Choe, H. (2016). A Study on the Effect of Financial Planning Counseling on Households Savings. Financial Planning Review, 9(3), 51-84.
  • Choi, H., Kim, S., Rha, J. & Choe, H. (2016). A Study on the Consumption Expenditure of Young Single. Journal of Consumption Culture, 19(2), 89-110.
  • Choe, H. & Han, J. (2015). Who can Enjoy Happy Retired Life?, Financial Planning Review, 8(4), 95-123.
  • Jang, Y. & Choe, H. (2015). An Analysis on the Differences in Decision-making Process among the Types of Insurance Consumers According to their Decision-making Strategies. Journal of Consumer Studies, 26(5), 125-152.
  • Koo, M., Kim, R., Kim, S., Rha, J., Yeo, J. & Choe, H. (2015). Measuring and Mapping Consumption Values. Journal of Consumer Studies, 26(5), 235-266.
  • Kim, Y. & Choe, H. (2015). A Comparative Study on the Fund Investors' Satisfaction and it's Influencing Factors: In the Cases of Positive or Negative Fund Performance. Financial Planning Review, 8(3), 1-34.
  • Choe, H., Cho, H., Kim, M., Lee, J., Jang, Y. & Suh, W. (2015). The Development of the Retirement Coaching Model(RE-TIRE) for Effective Retirement Planning. The Journal of the Korea Contents Association, 15(12), 459-470.
  • Cho, H., Kim, M., Jang, Y., Choe, H. & Lee, J. (2015). An Application of Coaching in Financial Planning. Financial Planning Review, 8(3), 59-94. 

Recent Grants

  • “The Vision and Strategy of Community Building in Seoul National University” / 2018 / co-Investigator / Seoul National University
  • “SNU Retirement Planning Coaching Specialist Course” / 2018 / Principal Investigator / Private Institution
  • “Financial Health of Korean Households” / 2017 / Principal Investigator / Private Institution
  • “Happiness Life Expectancy Index for Measuring Retirement Readiness” / 2016 / Principal Investigator / Korea Life Insurance Association
  • “SNU-MetLife Retirement Planning Specialist Course” / 2016 / Principal Investigator / MetlifeCo.,Ltd.
  • “Development of National Competency Standards(NCS) Learning Module_Private Banking Business” / 2015 / Principal Investigator / Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training
  • “Development of National Competency Standards(NCS) Learning Module” / 2015 / Principal Investigator / Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training 


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