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The College of Human Ecology, originally the Department of Home Economics at Gyungsung Women’s Educational School and formerly the Department of Home Economics Education under the College of Education at Seoul National University, became an independent college in 1969 and has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The College of Human Ecology has steadfastly devoted to education and research aimed at improving the quality of life for both individuals and the society over the past years, and our contribution has led to many meaningful results. Stretching over diverse areas of everyday life, our graduates have become experts who serve the interest of families, children, and consumers. The dedication of our researchers has played a major role in solidifying the stature of human ecology in the field of practical studies as their works have influenced many different life-improving projects, from market product development to national policy making.
Today, we are facing a new living environment that is very different from what we have known in the past 50 years. The technological advancements introduced by the 4th Industrial Revolution and the demographic changes of the aging society are pushing us towards a world that nobody has ever experienced before. I believe “adapting to the rapidly changing living environment” is a task that human ecology must take a leading role in resolving. This is because the study of human ecology stands at the forefront of seeking solutions to help individuals and families - and ultimately the entire society - adapt to changes and lead a better life.
It seems that now is the time when the study of human ecology and the College of Human Ecology at Seoul National University must take on a role that is more important than ever. The College of Human Ecology will keep moving forward in preparation for the next 50 years, just as it has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life over the past 50 years. We will give our best efforts to help each and every member of our society live a better life, striving to become a strong college that may be small in size but delivers much greater use.
We would very much appreciate your warm encouragement.


Hyuncha CHOI, PhD
College of Human Ecology
Seoul National University


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